About Us

Who we are

Motherhood is such a blessing and at the same time, such a challenge. We are working moms, stay at home moms, work from home moms, single moms, married moms, moms in recovery, moms struggling with an illness, moms of infants through teens, step-moms, foster-moms, moms with special needs kiddos, moms just barely holding our sh*t together and moms that seem to have it all figured out.

The one thing we do know is that our struggles become easier when we have someone to share them with.

What we do

Our mission is to provide moms of all generations, a safe, secure and thriving network of other moms who are driven to uplift each other through outreach initiatives, community involvement and socialization. We want to better ourselves, our families, each other and our community.

Service: Community Clean-up Efforts; Clothing Swaps/Hand-Me-Down Programs, Partnering with other nonprofits (locally), and much more.

Outreach: Adopt-A-Mom Initiatives – Thanksgiving / Christmas; Seasonal Support to families; meal trains and much more.

Socialization: Play Dates; Mom Nights Out / Mom Nights In; Christmas in July; Festivals, Angel Baby Luminary Event(s), and much more.

Why Join Us?

We will support and accept you unconditionally, just as you are, right where you are. We don't care about your age, race, situation, background, hang ups or mistakes... because we're all hot messes too! We believe uniting together will provide better lives for us all. Come see what we're about. Welcome!

Join Us

Find out what it's like in our village

The members of MOCC are moms of all generations and situations; working together to build a strong network of support, empowerment, and peace.


Contribute to some of the causes that are near and dear to us

There are many community service projects and outreach initiatives that we need financial support for. Find out more...


Make lifelong friends while supporting other moms & your community.

Everyone has different skills, passions and time commitments... and we'll find a role with MOCC that will fit for you!