Moms of Carbon County July MOMber(s) of the Month – Our Veterans!
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Moms of Carbon County July MOMber(s) of the Month – Our Veterans!

July is the month that our country celebrates our independence. Although celebrated for the first time in 1776, it continues to be a nationwide celebration of what our country stands for, and those that have fought and sacrificed in order to allow us to continue this independence.

We at MOCC have decided to honor some of our MOMbers that have fought to ensure we remain a safe country to be proud of, for the month of July.

Please take a moment to get to know these incredibly selfless women!

Karen Alboucq

Karen is a current resident in Lehighton, and is originally from Newark, NJ. She attended Lehighton Are High school where she graduated from in 1974.  Upon graduation, she decided to enter the US Army on the Delayed Entry Program and was officially sworn in on May 12, 1975.

After Basic and some Special training, Karen was stationed in San Francisco at the Presidio with a specialty as an Orthopedic Cast Technician. While stationed there, Karen met Stewart Alboucq who soon after became her husband… “it was a quick courtship but I knew he was the one”.

Karen and Stewart started traveling and took some time to enjoy each other as much as they could before deciding to come back to Lehighton in 1978 to be near family.  After 8 years & completion of college, their 1st son, Brian was born.  4 1/2 years later their 2nd son Sean came into their lives… “They were & still are the light of our life.”

As Karen lived out her life long dream of being a mother, she embraced all aspects of her children’s lives, including being their Sunday School Teacher, Den Mother & Team Mom in Soccer & Baseball.

Now, with her children being parents of their own, Karen has been blessed with 4 beautiful grandchildren, Karen ensures she is a big part of their lives as well.

“Life is too short & I have realized you need to make time for simple things like going for walks with my miniature Golden Doodle Scooter, or making time to meet up with friends for coffee or something stronger.”

Currently, Karen is involved with the Lehighton Area Pool Pals as their  Treasurer. “It gives me great joy knowing that our community pool is open again for everyone to enjoy.”

She is also a Eucharist minister at St Peter & Paul Church and works per diem at St Luke’s Hospital in Cardiac Rehab Dept.

“I am very proud to be a member of Carbon County MOCC, hoping  to make a significant impact in our community.”

Another community outreach, which Karen is very passionate about, is Organ Donation. She encourages others to go to or  elect to be a donor when you renew your car  registration.  “It’s important to let your family know your wishes.”

Karen believes that the best part of being a Mother is watching your children grow into kind, compassionate and loving human beings. She also holds a lot of pride in knowing that her children found the right one to love, and to love them back. However, she also takes a lot of pride in her grandchildren, “the best part of being a grandmother being able to spoil your grandchildren, give them all the hugs and kisses you want (or they allow you to give them) before they run off to play.”

We thank you Karen for your devotion and dedication to our county and our community!

Agnes (Aggie) Schoenberger

Agnes Schoenberger, who goes by Aggie, is a real estate agent for Castle Gate Realty in Lehighton, PA.  She is also the proud founder and director of Peaceful Knights (, a not-for-profit corporation formed to help those in need to have temporary, safe shelter and access to local organizations that provide assistance. Currently providing residential housing to men as well as an emergency shelter. We thank and honor Aggie for her dedication to our country and out community.

What is your full name and where do you live? Agnes (aggie) Schoenberger; Lehighton, PA

How many children do you have, and what are their ages? 1 son  (Lee)24 years old, one dog (Hans) 105 years old

What is the hardest part about being a mother/grandmother? Having the patience to watch your son find his way as he matures

Which one of your children / grandchildren do you think is most like you? Since I only have one son…it would be Lee obviously.  He goes after what he wants and he’s very headstrong.

What did you want to do with your life prior to children?  went to college to be a doctor…ran out of money….joined the army…was an MP…loved it…thought I would be a state trooper (took the test in 1987 and scored very high)

Did your goals/accomplishments change after you had children? absolutely…couldn’t imagine being a police officer and a mom at the same time

If you had it to do over again, what would you change?  I would have stayed at home with my son while he was in school…

Is there something you wish you were better at doing?  losing weight haha

What three words best describe you?  Driven, Fearless, Loving

What’s your least favorite household chore?  none of them

What is your spirit animal? strange question lol

Do you have any hobbies or talents you would like to share?  love riding motorcycle, kayaking, walking/jogging

What charities/community outreach/nonprofits are you passionate about?  Peaceful Knights Homeless Shelter ( I started it back in 2007.  In the beginning we housed homeless folks in the local motel.  After a year, I saw that we spent enough money in one year to rent an apartment so that’s what we did…then we rented a 2nd apartment, and then a 3rd apartment, and then an office and finally we got it all under one roof… it’s been amazing to see what God has done!

Tell us one of your funniest stories of motherhood.  I was pregnant.  Dr Miller was my OB-GYN.  I went into labor early…they stopped it and I went home only to return again the next day.    Dr Miller was on vacation…and Dr Makhija was assisting me…after he checked me he looked at me and said….this baby is det -ter – mind ..with a very heavy accent…i was nervous…had no idea what det-ter-mind was…later I figured out that he was saying “determined”….and if there was ever one word that describes my son it’s Det-ter-mind…

Why did you join Moms of Carbon County (MOCC)?  I have seen the benefits of groups of amazing folks pooling their wisdom and love and wanted to be a part of such a group that is local.

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