Moms of Carbon County September MOMber of the Month – Heather Graver Ahner
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Moms of Carbon County September MOMber of the Month – Heather Graver Ahner

Moms of Carbon County (MOCC) once again celebrates and honors our empowering MOMbers and the lives they lead.  For the month of September, we take a moment to highlight Heather Graver Ahner, a Mom, wife, professional hairstylist, skincare and makeup artist and supporter of her community.

Heather Graver Ahner is a Carbon County native and grew up in Parryville.  She is a graduate of Lehighton Area High School, as well as Carbon County Technical Institute for Cosmetology. She later pursued her passion at Empire Beauty School for Advanced Skincare and makeup; as well as obtained her teaching license.  Heather has been a cosmetologist for 25 plus years and has shared her talents throughout Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina and Georgia.   Currently, she has set roots in Palmerton where she is the owner of Intwined Your Salon:

Heather was blessed with one daughter. At the age of five, Heather almost lost her daughter who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and it has not been an easy ride since then. However, Heather never allowed her to use it as an excuse to not succeed, and always encouraged her to never be ashamed of it.

“I told her not to hide it when she has to check her sugar or give herself shots but to use it as a way to educate others.”

Her daughter is now 21, but that does not stop Heather from being the caring (and worried) mom that she always has been

“I still ask her what her sugars are. She is my pride and joy. I could not be prouder of her and all she has endured.”

Doing hair and makeup has always been one of Heather’s passions, and remains so today.  You can find her posting on social media supporting her business, encouraging woman to explore their individual true beauty or sharing some new and amazing products, many of which also give Heather her edgy and playful image.

“It is about making people feel their best, being a listening ear for the good and bad, and helping them to the best of my ability. I am so lucky to love what I do.”  And that she does!

But those are only some of the components that make up our loveable and creative Heather.  In addition to the hard work and dedication she puts into her beliefs and career, she ensures that the joys in life do not go unnoticed, and by doing so, she sometimes has to let go over the things that can distract her from these pleasures. For example, the one chore that haunts mostly all of us Mom… Cleaning!

“My cleaning philosophy came from a coworker that was like a mom to me. She said, ‘Heather, I always cleaned certain things on certain days. Life is too short. Enjoy life, the cleaning will always be there and can wait till another day.’  

And those other things that Heather enjoys include spending time with her family, going to wineries, reading, dancing and kayaking.

Yet, she is not done there; Heather is also a dedicated humanitarian and uses her talents, and interests, to help the community as much as she can.

“Giving back to the community is important to me. I have helped with JDRF and Camp Red Jacket. I am also involved in giving haircuts to homeless and involved with the Palmerton Cat Project as their fundraising coordinator, as well as fostering cats”.

Through her work professionally, her presence on social media, her outreach initiatives and her involvement with the community as a whole, Heather is a beautiful representation of how we women should always be, for each other and ourselves.   She is also a supporter of Moms of Carbon County, who holds our mission in her heart, and lives it through her actions daily “MOCC is a wonderful community. The women who started should be commended for their hard work. Thank you.”  And it is thanks to you, Heather Graver Ahner, that we are able to build this tribe of empowering, self loving, independent woman.  Thank YOU!

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