MOCC BOD/EC Retreat of Love
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MOCC BOD/EC Retreat of Love

The house was beautiful. It was more than I expected and the online photos did not do it justice.  I was anxious to get our first retreat going as a united front of moms, leaders, who have been working together to make a difference in our community.  Our Board Members were finally going to enjoy each other on a social level, without children, and with a strong focus on becoming more bonded. We were brought together with a similar interest, and we remained a team believing in the same mission: to provide moms of all generations, a safe, secure and thriving network of other moms who are driven to uplift each other through outreach initiatives, community involvement and socialization.

Even now, as I sit here, reflecting back at the day, I am still in awe over the fact that most of these women did not exist in my life nearly a year ago, yet all of us seemed to have dreamt the same dream.   There was a calling for us all, and we answered, one at a time, joining a team creating the powerhouse of leaders that currently carries MOCC daily.

What started as an idea one evening in Sept, a year ago, has now grown to a large facebook community with over a thousand Mombers (Mom Members) in Carbon County. If it was not for the eight beautiful woman that sacrificed much of their free time, money and resources, for this group, we would not have expanded at the rate in which we did.  Now, four out of the eight original board mombers were here with me to celebrate the prior year and prepare for the next to come. Once again, they blessed me with their time, love and attention.

The day started with a beautiful kundalini workshop, led by one of our mombers, and one of the most incredible souls I have had the pleasure of encountering.  The sun was strong, the breeze was gentle, and nature was abundant. Outside, gathered on the back deck, surrounded by trees, a stream not too far in the distance, and a visit from a blessed butterfly, we began our practice.  We were all ready for this transformation and to elevate our relationships to a much higher level.

Each moment, each breath, each posture and chant that harmoniously fell from our lips was another layer building to our connection. The past year dissolved into our yesterday and a new tomorrow was blooming. Whether it was our first time with this practice, or our hundredth, today it was our first true moment of unified vulnerability where we were forced to surrender our own ego, our own control, and start a new chapter, together.  There was no denying the rebirth that was about to come from this day.

The focus of the workshop was to clear ourselves for better communication.  Something that we have all struggled with from time to time. Even lack of communication is a communication struggle, and we have all either argued, debated, silenced ourselves, or did not allow for truth to be said.   Regardless of our intentions, some have been offended, some hurt, and some uplifted. Words are powerful, and lack of words are no different. As a group of women who want many of the same things, and live the same (or at least similar) mission, we needed to communicate much better, kinder, and with more love.  Today was going to, and did, change that for the better for us all.

Through the Kundalini class, we were able to let go of ourselves, our inhibitions, our insecurities and our vocal obstacles.  Our minds were quieted and our spirits was awaken. It was a surreal and uplifting experience, that words truly cannot express – ironic, right?  And despite my legs deciding to fall asleep at one point, I have to admit, I never felt so high, so intoxicated, by my higher self, and the energy of those around me, as I did today. We were present in the moment, enjoying each other as the blessing we all are, and let everything that did not serve us to melt away, leaving us open for new love and possibilities.

Once our workshop concluded, and the sunshine song was sung, we migrated inside the house for an incredible homemade Italian hot lunch, clearly made with love.  Gathered around the table, like a typical Italian Sunday Family Dinner, we broke bread, ate pasta, and started talking about the future of MOCC.

It was refreshing to see that we were all mostly on the same page as to the direction that our group needed to go in.  Little debate occurred and many incredible ideas were born. Insight was provided by all, and the mindset that I had arriving to the house that morning was nowhere to be found.  Although I was very hopeful and excited for the day, I initially believe the conversation would include closing some doors in MOCC, and yet the discussion actually blew many more doors open.  My heart was awakened, my spirit was motivated and our board as a whole was EMPOWERED! Some amazing changes and advances are to come and we couldn’t be any more excited. (I am starting to think we need to do these little retreats twice a year!)

With full bellies, and fuller hearts, there was one more exercise of the day that needed to take place, and in all honesty, probably the most important exercise of all. We all congregated into, what I will refer to as, the fireplace room.  Although not as warm and inviting as the other rooms in the home, this one called to me as a good place for us to be focused on ourselves, each other, and not the fact that we were literally sitting in the lap of luxury in this incredibly stunning “cabin”.

We were all instructed to make columns on a piece of paper, one for each person in the room, and list three to six positive things about each person, starting with ourselves.  As most of us know, any request that involves talking about, critiquing or complementing one’s self is one of the hardest things to do. It is just as dreaded as the questions almost every interviewer will ask a new job candidate: “tell me three strengths you have”, or “where do you see yourself in 3 to  years”…. What?!?!? So we sat there, in silence, for what seemed like an eternity, as we all wrote down positive traits. But we were never expecting what would come next.

In groups of two, we sat face to face, hand to heart, looking at each other in the eyes, and divulged our positive truths and what we thought of each other.  It was one of the most challenging things I ever had to force myself to do. The idea of sitting face to face, looking in someone’s eyes (their soul) was terrifying to me.  Yet, as I sat there, looking at these beautiful souls, or watching them interact with each other, I was humbled and touched by the way we all saw each other.

“Strength”, “Survivor”, “Soul sister”, “Nurturer”, “Inspiring”… were some of the traits we all seemed to possess.  All the things we hoped to bring back to our community, were all the things we already saw in each other. Each and every one of us had disclosed how blessed we really were to have been brought together, not only with MOCC, but also with future intentions of expanding friendships and, as mentioned before, deepening connections. We saw the MOCC mission in each other already, through our mothering, through our friendships, through our leadership and supporting each other.  Every single one of us, every single one of you, is walking, breathing proof, of all of these amazing and beautiful traits.

There were tears, lot’s of tears, and there were laughs, lots of laughs, and occasionally the inappropriate comment (NOT IT), and there was LOVE.  So much love it may have broken the atmosphere. But most importantly, to me, there was a sincere rebirth for all of us, on a much deeper level. Those that have only known each other through MOCC were now friends, those who were friends were now close friends, those who were close friends were family and those that were family were more bonded.  It was this day, this simple exercise, that removed the veil which lack of communication had fastened to our heads throughout the prior year. WHOA!

So why am I writing a quick blog about this day?  Because we want you all to feel what we felt today.  We would like all of MOCC mombers to look yourselves, in the eyes, and tell yourselves three to five positive traits about yourself.  Look at the mom next to you in the store, and think (or better yet, tell her) something beautiful about herself. Encourage, empower, inspire all of those that surround you.  As you sit behind that woman who lingers a little longer at the intersection, instead of blasting your horn, or profanity, bless her with love and light.

One of the things I think we all forget throughout life, is that we are all souls. We are all creatures of God.  We are all composed of love, and need to remember to look at each other with love. Love yourself, love your neighbor, love your partner, love your family, love your life.  Yes, things are hard, people can be cruel, lies can be told, secrets can be spread, hate can consume and self loathing, depression, fear can paralyze us all. But love, that is much more powerful than any of the earlier mentioned.  This community is here to bring back the love, the support, the encouragement that we all should have been providing one another all along.

Live to Love – Sat Nam.

(Mombers interested in being an Executive Committee Member, or considered for the Board, please contact us at, or through Facebook.)

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  1. Hillary Evans

    Beautifully write Heather! A moving experience just reading it!

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