Mom-Yogi in the Making – Spiritual Transformation Preparation
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Mom-Yogi in the Making – Spiritual Transformation Preparation

Today I truly officially started my spiritual journey and attempted to incorporate a defined routine for myself.  It was not a smooth start, instead of waking at 4:00 AM (as planned the night before) I did not wake until 5:00 AM, and even then, my ego was trying to convince me to stay in bed. “Sleep would be so nice for the next hour or two”.  Thankfully, my angels pushed me out to get my day started.

As much as I thought I properly planned the night before, it quickly became apparent that I may have fallen short on a couple of details.  For one, my angels suggested that I started planning my entire weeks morning routine on Sunday. They must have been entertained watching me skim through all the Kundalini video options on YouTube this morning, trying to allow my high self to choose the right video to start this journey.  There were one too many options and many of them my recovering body was not ready for. (I had been sick all last week, which I am still fighting, but much better.)

I attempted to start with a video by my guru’s guru. (did you understand that).  It was pretty intense and the Kriyas was for a minimum of 6 minutes. It was clear to my angels that this was not something me, my body or my soul were ready for.  Without hesitation, they suggested I find another video, preferably one less intense, and basically start my journey over, again, but at the right pace.

A few months ago, I decided to try a Kundalini yoga class.  I met this amazing soul through my organization, Moms of Carbon County, and she had invited me to one of her outdoor Kundalini classes.  It was challenging, but not overwhelming, and the way it made me feel emotionally, mentally and spiritually was surreal. I was instantly addicted.  However, I knew nothing about the true life style, following, of this practice and over the course of the past couple of months, although I have been getting stronger and more elevated, I realize I need to start from the very beginning.

So after a week of fighting sickness, lack of sleep, trying to be a good mother (which I fail at completely when I am ill), and still keeping up with work and everything else to the best of my ability, I have decided to pull myself, my life and my practice back.  

Last night, after my daily Antar Naad and Kritan Kriya meditations, I laid in my bed, my little one by my side, and came up with a new game place for myself.  I will wake in the mornings at 4. I will do a full 45 to 60 minute kundalini set. I will journal. And I will write my experience in a blog. This, all in the morning, before my older two wake up and the morning routine madness begins. It made a lot of sense to me, and I was excited, eager, to get my routine moving.  To top it off, I will not take a day of rest.

Why? (you ask)

I have noticed, as a single working mom of three amazing boys, I end up having unplanned days of “rest”.  (Which really means days I do not get to focus on me and my journey because my children’s needs come first.)  Someone ends up sick and I am up most the the night before. Someone ends up late at one of their activities and I do not get home in time to meditate before bed.  An alarm does not go off and I need to wake them, or breakfast does not go as planned, or, it is discovered that someone does not have anything to wear. So many things can occur that will interfere with my routine and journey, so instead of telling myself I will have a day of rest, or a REWARD DAY, I will just allow the universe to dictate those days. I will remain focused on my new journey and routine.

So this morning, finally around 5 AM, I rose from my bed, came upstairs, and started struggling through my newly defined routine.  

But it was not all a mess. I have to admit that it felt good to be up again early.  I still found and completed a solid 25 minutes kundalini set. (I found someone I am more comfortable following who does 30 and 40 day challenges – SCORE.) and I was able to shower, where I included I AM affirmations, and now I sit here reliving and creating this blog.  

So what are some of the things I am introducing into my life?

I have decided months ago that I truly, wholeheartedly, and sincerely want to be a better person.  I want to live and happy, humble, and giving life. I want to be a positive role model for my children, and myself. I want to live the life of a yogi.  A Mom-yogi. So many others have done it before, and many share their experiences through videos, websites, blogs, etc., but not many have truly documented and shared their experience from the beginning (not that I know of at least).  So here we are!

Things that I have started incorporating into my life:

  1. 40 Day Meditation Challenge – I have chosen the Kundalini Meditations: Antar Naad and Kritan Kriya. I follow the guided videos by Nirinjan Kaur, but I also incorporate the Ad Guray Nameh. So this ends up being a total of 35 minutes every night before bed.
  2. Read – every night, as my little one and I settle down to sleep. I read him a small book (normally 3 times) and then as he watches a little TV, I read for 30 minutes.  Currently, I am reading JUDGEMENT DETOX by Gabrielle Bernstein.
  3. 4 AM wake up – I will be waking at 4 AM to do a full Kundalini Yoga YouTube guided class and have decided to follow Brett Larkin Yoga. She has many video for all types of yoga but also breaks down and explains the beliefs, sciences behind them and incorporates other vlogs concerning nutrition and the yogi life over all. Right now I am doing her 30 day beginner Kundalini challenge. Again, I am familiar with the practice, but I want to truly learn and live it.
  4. Blog – I plan on documenting my routine (accomplishments and failures) every morning immediately following my Kundalini practice and shower (with affirmations).  This was I am capturing the feeling while it still exists.
  5. Journal – lastly, any exercise that I come across that requires journaling while reading JUDGEMENT DETOX, I will do in the mornings. The reasons for this is because I truly want to surrender and do all the suggested exercises without distractions.  The early morning is really the only time without distractions.

That is it. Not too much, right? This in addition to working, assisting with the Woman’s CAN, running MOCC (along with my amazing partners), still providing the love and attention to my children, and now helping a local business get the business part organized and put together.  Not too much at all.

Sat Nam!

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