MOCC December Momber of the MONTH – Kimberly Reinart
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MOCC December Momber of the MONTH – Kimberly Reinart

Most of you may already know this beautiful soul that we are celebrating in the month of December.  A month of caring, of giving, and of putting others before ourselves, especially at a time of need. The time of year when our hearts are full, our bellies are fuller and our community comes together in the spirit of the holidays.

This MOMber is the embodiment of all of the beautiful things that we experience around this time of year.  She has been an inspirational example of what a dedicated, unconditionally loving Mom really is, Her struggles have been large and her accomplishments even larger.  Through all of the ups and downs, she has never once been spotted without a smile on her face and a glimmer in her eye.  Her entire presence radiates in any room, booming with positive energy and sincere gratitude for each moment of each day.

This month, Moms of Carbon County (MOCC) continues to celebrate MOMbers that not only juggle their empowering careers, fulfilling family lives, mothers obligations (and then some), and personal growth… but also give to the community and others around them. It is with great honor, and privileged, that I celebrate with you our very own Kimberly Reinart: Daughter, Mother, Sister, Soul Sister, Friend and Earth Angel.

Let’s take a moment to get to know Kim a little better and what makes her smile and motivated every day:

What is your full name and where do you currently live? Kimberly Reinart, Jim Thorpe

How many children do you have, and what are their ages? (Please include angel/fur babies) 2 daughters Ariana Lynn (14 yo), Nadia Alyce (8 yo). I was blessed with 2 bonus boys Colby (14 yo), Braden (12 yo). 2 dogs – Leo and Dex, 1 cat – Jack, 2 guinea pigs – Ellie and Mia (yes I need a small Zoo license!) Oh, and a 43 year old too, Corey!!

What are some of your community outreach initiatives or organizations that you are involved with? We participate with Special Olympics and the Polar plunges yearly. The kids love doing it, despite the freezing temps. March of Dimes walks and witnessing the children who have overcome such a very early start in this world and are thriving. Relay for Life in honor of my stepsister who left this world way too soon. Very active with AA, without that I would lose all focus. There are so many great things right within our community to get involved with and feel good about. Love getting involved in anything which has a positive impact.

Is there anything that you and your family do together, outside of an organization or affiliated group that you would like to share? (For example: send care packages to family members in need, take in a family or friend when needed, etc.). It makes my heart smile to pay-it-forward. Whether at the coffee shop or grocery store, providing someone with a simple act of kindness and watching it turn their day around and the smile from their face…is priceless.

What are some of the challenges, and blessings, of being involved in the community and a mother? Witnessing the world my children are forced to grow up in today and all the negativity. It is painful and a challenge for sure. As a single mom involving my girls in the community efforts teaches them that by being compassionate and industrious they too can make a difference in the world. Ultimately praying that my children are positively influenced and make good, sound decisions for their own lives.

What are some of the things you do, or believe in, that keeps you moving forward with all of your efforts? Continuing my life of sobriety is first and foremost. Without focusing on myself and refilling my cup I would not be available for anyone else. Realizing that some things in life are completely out of my control and that I must adjust my sails and take a new course. I may not be where I expected or wanted to be in life, but I am exactly where I am supposed to be. And realizing that 4 little ones are watching me daily is HUGE! I completely understand that my actions directly shape the lives of my children and heavily influence them. And trying to find exactly what my greater purpose is in this world.

Is there something you wish you were better at doing? Time management and squeezing everything important in a 24 hour period on time. Oh, and CLEANING…ugh.

Do you have a full time career in addition to being a mother and humanitarian? Yes, I am a Chemotherapy Nurse Specialist with Lehigh Valley Hospital in the Lehighton office. I have been in the network for 20 years and a RN for 22 years. I have worn many hats within the network, Med/Surge, ICU, Labor and Delivery Nurse, PICC team, Home Care Case Managing nurse. And each one has taught me so much about myself.

How do you balance all aspects of your life? Balance?? Lol, most days I feel like a waitress on roller-skates holding 2 huge trays and the world on my shoulders. But then I take a step back and focus on what I CAN do something about and what needs TO GO!! Learning to let go and say NO is extremely difficult but equally as important but vital to achieving some balance.

What do you do for YOU? Meditate, hot baths, activities to see my kids smile, ‘therapy’ dates with friends, music – music is huge for me. And the occasional all-out day at the salon feels incredible.

Do you have any other hobbies or talents you would like to share? I absolutely LOVE to cook and entertain, throw a few knots around while crocheting. And I am ready to embark on a brand new side business of Independent Consultant for an inspirational faith based line called Sanctuary Girl. I am eager and nervous to take this leap.

Tell us one of your funniest stories of motherhood. Some days I feel for my children having to grow up with a nurse for a mother. I refer to medical terms, body parts appropriately and we never go to the hospital unless there is blood or broken bone visible….no, really!! One day as my youngest, feisty Nadia was running around like crazy and a fireball of chaos following a sugar high amongst a bunch of friends and acquaintances. She was a complete whirlwind of insanity. As a mom in the moment I bowed my head as I sunk my chin into my hand…and said, “Oh my Nadia…the way you are acting up and the things you are saying…I have no idea where you came from”. Without one second of hesitation, she stopped, raised her hand and said “Ohh, I do mommy….your vagina”.  There are no words!!

Tell us a little more about each of your child(ren). Ariana was born with a rare disorder. Giant Congenital Nevus with Neurocutaneous Melanocytosis (yeah say that twice) She is 1 out of 500,000. I was told by the specialists at CHOP that she may not make it past 2 years old. But she has defied them all and thrives. She has been utilized by CHOP to educate the residents on her condition. She is very artistic and absolutely loves animals and hopes to be a vet. Thankfully she loves horses more than boys. She is taller than me already. Nadia is my wild child. So stinking tiny and petite. She says what is on her mind and isn’t afraid to tell you what she thinks. My little love bug with the hugest heart. Colby is ambitiously and successfully athletic.  Is wise beyond his years and loves to run the excavator at home and build amazing things. Braden has a sweet, giving heart. Loves baseball and basketball, all bikes (4 wheeler, mountain bike, mini bike, and dirt bikes) and taking things apart and putting them back together, but better. They all get along beautifully. I am surely blessed.

With the holidays quickly approaching, what are some traditions that you and your family continue, or have started? With my new combined family we have decided on making an ornament together which symbolizes an important touching aspect of that year. And we each add our personal touch to it. A non holiday tradition has been to get height measurements of the girls twice a year on the archway between the living room and dining room…(we mark it and date it)ever since they each could stand on their own. I hope to give it to them for when they have their own homes and children.

If you could take your family anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? It would not be a place…but back to a simpler time of life. When there were less negative world events, 1 income could support a family, hard work was true manual labor, they could be outside playing all day without fear of craziness, the war on drugs was not prominent, social media was not in existence and there was no comparison to lives online, children were not in their phones and on electronics all day. Meeting up with friends truly meant a face to face. Bullying was rare. Common Core did not exist. A time when kids could be kids…truly, authentically.

Ask all of your child(ren), if you can, to say one positive things about themselves, or that they are grateful for, and tell us what they say. Ariana “I am loving and nurturing to all animals and I am grateful for friends and family” Colby – “I have a good personality and I am grateful for my family”   Braden “I am smart and I am grateful for family”   Nadia “I am artsy and I love animals and I am grateful for family”

Anything else you would like to share with MOCC? My life has been so much richer with the addition of MOCC. Seeing first hand how positively this group impacts the community and the beautiful things done in good faith and through an honest heart. The empowering, assisting during a time of need, uplifiting of attitudes and interest in good deeds. Watching women come together and fix each others crowns is amazing and I hope to see it thrive and blossom into something beyond our wildest dreams.

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