Forget Resolutions. What’s Your Vision?


They are year end determinations, promises made, seldom kept. See I personally think that we are really, really good at keeping our $%*t together for other people (mostly). And maybe we were great at making resolutions and keeping them pre children and family!  
But lately, it feels more like when it comes to making these yearly contracts with ourselves, especially as moms, we’re good for about a solid week or two then, cough cough; a kid gets sick or we let bad weather derail our ‘new year, new me’ hit -the-every-day-gym routine.

In the past, I used to love making resolutions because they were big. I’d get all wound up about five to six things on a list. I’d tackle them like they were the best extra credit assignments, looking to treat myself to a new dress or shoes with the big win I checked off. They had such chutzpah and momentum post Christmas until pre January 6th. But come December 28th(ish) of the year end, I would think about all the things I didn’t get done and feel bad about myself.

In hindsight, this was terribly counterproductive to things I actually did accomplish. Once I became aware of  this vicious cycle, I realized; if I stopped making resolutions with no flexibility I could actually let myself have credit and feel proud for the awesome things that actually took place.  

For example. I resolved to write the second book in my Witch Wolf ‘trilogy’ four years ago. To date, I haven’t written it, or the third. I have however, written and put out a different book, Paranormal Side Effects which launched even more conversations and opportunities. The point? Intending to write or stay creative, daily, instead of deciding the hard specifics of the creativity in post holiday sugar coma, would be much more productive. Another example would be everyone’s favorite: I want to lose X amount of weight.  Well, if those 20-50 lbs don’t come off in 365 days for whatever reason, there is a human tendency to focus on the negative outcome rather than the positive changes that took place; better, healthy lifestyle like, feeling better physically and emotionally, having more energy, clarity and motivation is more realistic.

Catch my drift?  Resolutions can be a slippery slope if you are looking to make changes in your life. Vision however is all encompassing.   

So I offer to you, if I may, this very life art hack: if you do resolve to make a precise list (however long) of things to benchmark or check off throughout a three hundred and sixty five day time period, it’s best to give yourself a Vision Board.  What? An actual, visual reminder of the outcome you’re hoping for instead of tucking your list in your underwear drawer (guilty) or day planner for you to overlook and possibly forget.

So how do you visually remind yourself of the stuff you want to do, manifest or achieve?   I know. You’re either ‘Vision whating?’ me right now or “I’ve tried it already and it didn’t work.” To which, I am politely just going to suggest trying it (yes, again).

Vision Board.
What it is: a multi-media arrangement of images, quotes and/or ideas representing how you want to feel, what you want to become or gain in your life. Keeping one of these on your fridge, by your desk or in on your altar (don’t have one? DM me for details) will give you subtle daily reminders and works with your subconscious mind to keep you focused.

How to do it: Carve out time, thirty minutes to one hour. Get your kiddos involved. Run through old magazines. Print stuff from the interweb. Pinterest is a really great source for this endeavor and for keeping perhaps a  virtual vision board as well that you can keep on your desktop or access from your ipad.

If you’re not into displaying your  poster board (or 8X10 piece of construction paper) I’d like to suggest getting a regular old notebook to contain your future desires in.  This way you can add, to it and write about how and when you achieved the thing – how it made you feel.

Now, vision boarding (and visualizing) is one awesome, mindful aspect of an actual larger spiritual teaching known as The Law of Attraction.  You may or may not have heard of it.
A best selling book and movie called The Secret came to mass media attention in 2006 depicting what it is and the steps on how to apply it to your life. Since then, there have been ancillary books and movies made about The Law of Attraction but the fact of the matter is, no matter how it is delivered, or who delivers the message, the teachings work. If you have never heard of it, please Google it to understand and uncover the lessons for yourself. If you have questions, I’m always available to help via the MOCC Facebook page. If you have read the book or watched the movie, I politely suggest going back to the teachings and reworking them. Watch the film which is available on Netflix or Youtube once a week to really let the lessons sink in and become a part of your way of being.

My personal testament to The Law of Attraction is this: it came to me, actually appeared on my doorstep as a gift when I was experiencing a dark night of the soul. I quit my big time corporate media job and was contemplating the rest of my life really. I was terribly depressed, disconnected, and truly unsure if I made the right move. I was unclear of what I wanted in life and what was going to happen next. The DVD left on my doorstep gave me a break through. I applied the lessons and after about a week it alleviated some of the pain I was feeling with the choices I had made. I was able to turn things around and found out how to direct my energy in a way that became more fruitful to my own existence. Then, I applied the teachings again in 2009 when my daughter and I were without a home. Quickly, The Universe, Source, God – The Divine energy however you personally want to address it, along with gratitude, a vision and good deeds allowed me to conjure enough money and a beautiful space to call our own.  

Look, self improvement is a wild and beautiful life evolution. We can not stay the same people and honestly, we don’t by nature itself. We physically regenerate our cells every day. Sometimes the change within feels uncomfortable because we don’t know how to interpret the things in our lives “out of our control.” However, when spiritual self journey and emotional well being are included in our daily discovery, in our intentions,  when we take the time to commit to these things specifically they help make so much room for more magic and more miracles.

We seem more supported and the need for “control” becomes and feels less constricting. Synchronicity erupts in the most beautiful places to remind us we are being guided, held by a realm in the cosmos that speaks to the language of our hearts.   Vision Boarding is a beautiful, artistic vow, a creative reminder to ourselves to live intentionally, not resolutely. It has the ability to help us affirm faith in ourselves and in something bigger while opening the portal to all possibility.

I’m excited to witness you try a Vision Board.  Please post a picture of your it in the comments below or in the Mom’s Of Carbon County Facebook page for inspiration. #Vision2019

Michelle Gallagher is a mystical visionary living & loving locally. Find more of her work at or email:

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