Your Body, Your Oracle.

Your Body, Your Oracle.


You are more than your body. You are more than the outfit you’re wearing, the makeup you choose to or not to sport, more than the shoes on your feet. Yes you are all that personality and a bag of chips baby!

But I’m talking what’s beneath your skin and smile. The magic that lies within. You’re aches and pains have a lot of wisdom to behold. And while you may have an old injury with phantom twitches or twangs when it rains that you shake your fist at every time it flares up, the sensations in your body hold more way more information about you and for you than just an annoying physical sting.

Your body is your natural version of GPS. It is your internal guidance system with parts of you (your intestines and pineal gland) that are working to tell you subconsciously what you need even though you may not know you require “the thing.” And when something makes you go ouch, depending on where, that ding in that specific body part can be pointing to a bigger spiritual and emotional message for your ultimate awareness and well being.

Learning to love and care for our body takes a lifetime but it is an essential part of our being alive, being women and of course, mothers. As such, our bodies go through the most magical metamorphosis just to create life.  How you care your body is so very important.
Often it is when we neglect our temporary vessel that we actually pause to consider that we may need to be more proactive in our overall health and wellness. But again, more than just flesh and bone, you are comprised of so much more mystery and wonder than that beautiful shell that you reside in.  

How so? You are also your soul body or as most new agers refer to it as; your energetic body a.k.a your energy.  So, how you care for your physical body (going to the gym, Arbonne shakes in the morning) is one thing, how you care for your spiritual body is also pertinent to your overall health as well.

As you move forward throughout your day, I want you to think about your self care through your energetic needs (aka what your souls wants).

How do you do that?

Let me help you break it down. Set an alarm on your smartphone to ring once every three to four hours. When it goes off stop the task, whatever it is you are doing drop it to drop in.

Close your eyes and take a few rounds of deep cleansing breaths.
Ask yourself, what do you want me to know right now?

You can even place both of your hands over your heart space to really connect and listen. Whatever it is that comes up for you.  Whether it’s “call mom” or to do list. Pay attention.

These subtle hints are being buried in our daily tasks, but when we slow the commotion and the motion and we sink into our physical selves through the magic of breath, the depth of who we are is able to be heard. Now, if you are experiencing physical pain in your body, draw your breath and attention to that exact spot.  Once you feel like you are in a place of receiving it’s message ask yourself “what is the lesson in this pain?” Once again, be open and available to receive the wisdom that already resides within you. A great resource to match the part of your body to a spiritual ailment if you will is Louise Hay’s Heal Your Body, Heal Your Life.

There is also a website that coincides with the books teachings.

Once a week, check in with your body in a way that you have never experienced before.  In a warm bath or shower, lying on the couch or your bed, get very still. If you need to turn on some relaxing music (and lock the door to be undisturbed go for it). Close your eyes and take a few rounds of deep breaths. Drop into your body. Beginning from your toes on your feet, check in. Really. I mean it. Say hello to your toes. Tell them what a great job they are doing. Ask them in kind if there is anything that they need you to know. Is there anything they would like to reveal to you in this moment?  Here’s the rub; don’t judge what comes up. Do not. If you hear pedicure and the first thing you do is slam that down with I can’t afford that right now, then you are running interference. Start over. Really listen. Work your way up your entire body and yes, I mean the whole thing. If you feel compelled to touch the parts of you that aren’t responding to deepen the connection, do it. No judgement. This is your soul we are talking about and giving it the attention it deserves helps to keep your physical body in check. If you’re stomach says “a rub” oblige. If it says “chocolate” and you know there’s none in the house. Pause.

Take a deep breath and ask what the chocolate represents.  You may find that the answer is “comfort”. Whatever answer comes, thank your inner guidance system, thank the specific body part and say I look forward to feeling that way.  When you finished.

Take the time to pay all the parts a compliment if you haven’t already but most of all say thank you.  Thank yourself, each part of you for the power and knowledge that this conversation opened up for you. This one exercise has the capacity to having you trusting yourself and the voice (your soul, your highest self) more and more.

Other ways in which you can feed or nourish your soul are:
    Spending time with loved ones, or animals.
    Reading, learning.
    Spending time in nature.
    Connecting to music.
    Do good deeds without expectation.
    Meditate, pray.

Doing things that make you feel good physically, emotionally and spiritually are things that feed your soul body.  Don’t ignore what your body tells you. Love it or hate it, having a body is part of the gig in this dimension Mombers!. Strive to be a good caretaker of yours and you’ll be teaching your children, family and loved ones and invaluable lesson.

Michelle Gallagher is a seeker of all things metaphysical. She’s a Kundalini Yogi and Intuition coach.  Some even like to call her Fairy Godmother. See more at

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