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I've always been a misfit and it's been difficult for me to make real friends. From the very first meeting I attended, I was warmly welcomed and felt I had found my "tribe" of extraordinary women. I strongly encourage any moms on the fence to attend something in person and see what we're about.

Robyn Ellan

Director of Marketing, MOCC

I joined MOCC to find friendship. But what I found is an amazing group of women that build one another up. It’s like a sisterhood.

Pat Walker

President, MOCC

I joined MOCC after meeting a wonderful woman at Aldis. We chatted a few minutes and I joined immediately, since then I’ve gained friendships I never would have had before and a wealth of knowledge and the pleasure of being a part of an amazing and empowering group of women

Susan Wenzel

Secretary, MOCC

I joined MOCC when a friend of mine sent me an invitation to the group. I was thrilled to find the group because I’ve been searching for something in our area since I had my son. I’m beyond happy that I joined this fantastic band of women who I’ve learned so much from in just the past few months. I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot with this amazing group of ladies!

Connie Hoffman

Assistant Executive Director, MOCC

I joined MOCC to connect with moms in the community and offer/receive support as needed. I’m continually uplifted my this group’s strengths & support of one another. It has truly impacted my definition of a community.

Rachelle Perkins

Executive Committee Member, MOCC

Thanks to all of the admins and members of this outstanding group for being so clear and accepting all "Moms" to your valuable group. It is an honor to be accepted to such an amazing community. Welcome to all of the new members, and I am sure that all will enjoy and appreciate your efforts as much as I.

Gen Scullion Henne

I used to joke that so many things weren't in the "mamas handbook"...but this group of women is like a living "mama's handbook"!!!

Aggie Schoenberger